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AutoGate Access Ltd undertake all aspects of installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of access control and door entry systems in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Ripon and the rest of Yorkshire.

There is a wide choice of door and gate entry systems giving unlimited choice of solutions.

The straightforward combination of modular entry phones with digital call, audio units and power supplies are the components from which modern systems can be constructed.

The modular design of entry systems means that they can be configured to suit a wide range of applications from detached houses to apartment blocks, as well as large scale residential complexes, industrial units and offices. We offer a range of configurations from a standard one-way audio entry system to a complex video entry system, again for any range of application.

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Intercom systems can be single or multi-user systems making them popular with domestic and commercial sites alike. The intercom unit is positioned at the gate/barrier entrance.

The visitor presses the call button which calls a handset within the property/site. A two-way conversation is then established and the owner can allow access, if required. We offer a huge range of these products to suit all applications from multiplex housing sites to single unit residential sites.


Audio intecom

Video intercoms work in the same way as the audio intercoms except they have the added advantage of viewing the visitor before allowing them access to the property. This gives extra piece of mind when dealing with the public or people you don’t know. These systems are available to single or multi-user sites, with the options of colour or monochrome screens.

They are available with ‘hands-free’ option and work to allow for day and night usage. Some models have a ‘picture memory function’.


Video intercom

The ‘GSM intercom’ is a sophisticated wireless intercom that takes it’s name from it’s use of GSM technology by means of a SIM card (as used in a GSM mobile phones). When a visitor presses the intercom the call goes directly to a programmed number whether it be a landline or mobile phone. Should the owner wish to grant access to the caller, this is done with the telephone keypad.

One great benefit of this system is that you can speak to and, if required, grant access to the property from wherever you are, as long as a mobile signal is available. This system is also available to single or multi-user sites.


GSM intecom


These card systems are usually installed to multi-user sites. They operate by presenting/swiping a card or fob to a card/fob reader at the entrance. The gate, barrier or door is then activated/released allowing access to the card/fob holder. These systems can be used inside a site as well as at the external entry point, meaning that just one card can operate a gate/barrier and on-site doors / gates.

Individual cards or fobs can easily be added or deleted without affecting other users. This option of access control is very popular in a variety of commercial settings,particularly in large schools and office complexes.

Door Access

A detection loop is an induction loop of copper wire that is buried in the surface of the road. By connecting the detection loop cable to a loop detector, a magnetic field is created. when a vehicle disturbs the magnetic field and is recognised, the detector provides a signal to allow barriers, industrial gates or other automation devices to be opened. Detection loops are also used at traffic lights and on motorways. Traffic data can be collected by these detectors to inform and advise traffic.


Loop Detector


This entry system is particularly useful where multiple users are to gain entry (e.g. postal workers, maintenance contractors) as they grant access to anyone with a correct key code. For this reason keypads offer an additional convenience to any gate / barrier system.

Codes can be added or deleted when required to ensure continued security with minimal disruption. Digital keypads are available in hard-wired or wireless. Some models are available in vandal-resistant casings, for added security.

Digital keypads