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Here at AutoGate Access Ltd we offer a wide range of high quality fencing products for every application. Whether your site is a school, retail park, airport, sports centre, industrial premises we can supply the optimum product.

All Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Railings, Barriers and other steel products are manufactured to complement our fencing products.

We're here to help!

Our experience in the manufacture and installation of fencing products will ensure your site is protected effectively.

We're here to help!

Our experience in the manufacture and installation of Automatic gate products will ensure your site is protected effectively.

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Palisade fencing


Palisade security fencing is used for higher levels of security. Its acts as both a visual and physical deterrent and is often suggested by high-street insurers, as a cost effective perimeter security measure for businesses.

Palisade fencing comes galvanised as standard, and therefore, offers a maintenance free fencing solution. It can also be powder coated in a variety of colours, in keeping with any corporate colour scheme.

Palisade fencing usually comes in standard heights of 1.8m or 3m, but other heights can be ordered upon enquiry. There are 3 gauges of fencing for a variety of commercial settings:

• 3.0mm - General Purpose

• 3.5mm - Security Purpose

• 4.0mm - Special Order

We supply four types of palisade fencing, suitable for most commercial and industrial customers:

• Single point palisade

• Triple point palisade

• Rounded palisade

• Rounded & Notched palisade

Both pedestrian and vehicle access gates with optional automation and/or access control are available to match the specific palisade fencing.


Mesh fencing

The Paladin / Mesh security fencing system is preferred for its innovative and unique appearance: a sophisticated decorative type mesh pattern, with integral 'V' forms.

It combines aesthetic appeal and simple installation with strength and security.


It is a strong, lightweight construction having improved performance against 'cut-through' and climbing, whilst providing clear visibility along the fence line.


Our Paladin fencing is available in many different heights, up to 2400mm. One of the other benefits of Paladin fencing is that the panels can be placed on top of each other, for sites where extra tall fencing is Required.

Iron fencing


Here at AutoGate Access Ltd, we have been manufacturing decorative steel & iron railings for many years. This means that we are very experienced in all areas of domestic and commercial decorative wrought iron fencing.

We have a vast range of styles and designs to choose from. Alternatively, you may prefer something totally unique. Our expert installers are happy to come and discuss your exact requirements to help turn your bespoke ideas into reality.

All of our wrought iron fencing and railings are treated with top quality hot-dipped galvanising and powder coated finishes.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and professionalism, as well as always remaining competitively priced.

Bow Top fencing is a popular fencing system used, in equal measure, in domestic and commercial properties.

It has proven a cost-effective method of fencing for many new-build property developments as well as local authorities, in parks and playgrounds.

There are different designs of Bow Top Fencing, and most come in a variety of gauges of steel and heights, making this a very versatile fencing solution.

Bow top is an extremely popular railing system in the UK, particularly when child safety is an issue (e.g. in Pre-schools, Nurseries and other Early Years settings) due to the safer nature of the rounded tops of its verticals. The system comes in either our galvanised or galvanised & powder coated finishes.


Aluminium fence panel are the perfect addition to any home, offering the latest in stylish modern and contemporary designs.  Our aluminium fence panels are manufactured to the highest quality. The aluminium fencing panels are fully powder coated,  making them a great maintenance free finish for years to come. 

We have a range of standard RAL colours to choose from, or you may have something more bespoke in mind to match a colour of your choice, perhaps to match your house window frames of garage door?

Aluminium fencng
Timber fencing


AutoGate Access Ltd offer a professional timber fencing supply and installation service, using a number of different timber fencing systems such as close-board fencing, feather-board, hoarding, panels and acoustic barriers.

Each style of timber fencing has it's benefits and we are happy to suggest the best fencing solution for your requirements. As we purchase in such high volumes we are able to secure significantly reduced rates for materials, together with a competitively priced installation.