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AutoGate Access Ltd have been supplying and installing Automatic gates, barriers and access control systems to schools and colleges for the past 20 years.

As we have vast experience working with schools and colleges we adhere to any procedures the school has in place for contractors with regard to Health and Safety, Risk Assessments and Child Protection. To that end, our installers all hold up to date Enhanced DBS certificates. We understand that education is your main priority, therefore, we are more than happy to arrange any installations during school holiday periods to avoid any disruption to students learning.

Automatic gates, barriers and access control systems are usually installed to site entrances or car-parks to deter unauthorised persons or vehicles from entering the grounds.

As it is an Ofsted requirement to have suitable security measures in every school / college. Headteachers, Principals and Site Managers have the unenviable task of ensuring suitable access control is in place whilst ensuring the school budget remains in tact!

AutoGate Access Ltd offer a free consultation and design service to schools as well as always offering the most suitable, cost-effective solution. Therefore, schools / colleges can be sure they are getting the best value for money, without compromising the safety and security of their students and staff.


We're here to help!

Our experience in the manufacture and installation of Automatic gate products will ensure your site is protected effectively.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation.

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These card systems are usually installed to multi-user sites. They operate by presenting/swiping a card or fob to a card/fob reader at the entrance. The gate, barrier or door is then activated/released allowing access to the card/fob holder. These systems can be used inside a site as well as at the external entry point, meaning that just one card can operate a gate/barrier and on-site doors / gates.

Individual cards or fobs can easily be added or deleted without affecting other users. This option of access control is very popular in a variety of commercial settings,particularly in large schools and office complexes.


Automatic barrier systems are engineered for heavy duty usage. They are specifically designed to run continuously, 24 hours-per-day, thus are popular with sites where access is continuous, day and night. These barriers can be operated by all, or a combination of, our access control systems.

Please note. AutoGate Access Ltd will ONLY install gate automation systems which are compliant with the relevant British and European safety directives.


The Paladin / Mesh security fencing system is preferred for its innovative and unique appearance: a sophisticated decorative type mesh pattern, with integral 'V' forms.

It combines aesthetic appeal and simple installation with strength and security.


It is a strong, lightweight construction having improved performance against 'cut-through' and climbing, whilst providing clear visibility along the fence line.


Our Paladin fencing is available in many different heights, up to 2400mm. One of the other benefits of Paladin fencing is that the panels can be placed on top of each other, for sites where extra tall fencing is Required.

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